lördag 30 november 2013

FIM 2014 European Championship

Keith Bartlett and Trakbak Racing have issued the following statement:-

The 2014 calendar has now been ratified by the FIM Europe Management Council. Sadly due to Tierp Arena being taken into bankruptcy, and there being no sign of a new operator being announced in time to confirm events for the 2014 season, the dates previously scheduled at Tierp Arena for 2014 are now unconfirmed. Keith Bartlett, the Promoter of the FIM Europe - Drag Bike European Championship is very keen for Sweden to hold its rounds of the Championship, however he is also very much aware that riders and teams have to confirm commitments to sponsors and need to make travel arrangements and neither of which can be left unconfirmed indefinitely. In addition, the promoter has to confirm the TV package for 2014 with a broadcaster, something which they have not been able to do for the last two years due to the reluctance of the former management at Tierp Arena to follow the TV production conventions observed by every other organiser holding a round of the FIM Europe Championship since its inception.
Taking all of the above into account the Promoter has proposed the following:

Tierp Arena will be allowed until the last day of February 2014 to confirm its race dates and to have those dates confirmed by FIM Europe as being part of the 2014 FIM Europe calendar. These dates will be accepted subject to a signed contract being in place to allow a TV production to be made from the race, and the Promoter receiving a written commitment confirming that all outstanding financial commitments are to be met.

The official 2014 FIM Europe Drag Bike European dates are as follows:

Round 1: Santa Pod Raceway, England, 23rd-26th May
Round 2: Tierp Arena, Sweden, 12th to 15th June unconfirmed
Round 3: Alastaro Circuit, Finland, 3rd-6th July
Round 4: Hockenheimring, Germany, 8th-10th August
Round 5: Tierp Arena, Sweden, 21st-24th August unconfirmed
Round 6: Santa Pod Raceway, England, 4th-7th September

tisdag 12 november 2013