onsdag 30 juli 2014

Hockenheim next weekend

tisdag 29 juli 2014

Engine service

Some service and tuning before NitrolympX/Hockenheim. 8-10 August

söndag 27 juli 2014

End of race weekend Tierp Arena

Winner ProStockBike "Summer Nationals 2014"

Final run

A pretty bad run with clutch problems.

Preparing for the final


A slippery first run

Photo by Patrik

Running order Sunday

Up against Elsa Carlsson first run

Sunday morning

lördag 26 juli 2014

Saturday run 2

Saturday run 1

Saturday Tierp Running order

fredag 25 juli 2014

Second run Friday

First run

Pit Tierp friday morning

Running order Friday

Tierp at night

måndag 21 juli 2014

Current points: European Championship

1     Fredrik Fredlund    
2     Gert-Jan Lasuer    
3     Timo Savolainen    
4     Martin Bishop    
5     Kenneth Holmberg    
6     Mark Smith    
7     Marko Leppanen    
8     Allan Davies         
9     Miia Maria Vepsalainen                        
10   Karl-Heinz Weikum

fredag 18 juli 2014

Service before Tierp next weekend.

Some service of bike.
Including new front tire. 

Pic from Alastaro .

Thanks Pia Hagert

fredag 11 juli 2014


onsdag 9 juli 2014

Alastaro Photo : Patrik Jacobsson

We will attend Mosten Raceday.

Next event for us.

Sweden Nats 25-27 July.

tisdag 8 juli 2014

NitrolympX Hockenheim

We will race in Germany.

söndag 6 juli 2014

Alastaro Swecomposite pit.

Sunday Alastaro

Today's racing is over. Lost over Timo in the first elimination. We had learn a lot this weekend. Big thanks to Fredrik, Brian and Charley Karling. And of course
Kenta mecanic,engine builder Erik/ProService and girlfriend Gabbi.

lördag 5 juli 2014

Qualification Alastaro

torsdag 3 juli 2014

Alastaro pit thursday

Alastaro thursday

onsdag 2 juli 2014