måndag 30 juni 2014

Alastaro new surface

We had gearbox problem during our test and after that the rain came so the race were canceled. We had one run with broken gearbox. Now we are rebuilding and make some service on the bike. Staying at the track to next weekend European Championship.

torsdag 26 juni 2014

Alastaro next

onsdag 18 juni 2014

måndag 16 juni 2014

söndag 15 juni 2014

To soft clutch

Saturday run

We were adjusting carbs and had one test run.
The clutch were to soft so now we adjust more weight on it.
Waiting for sunday first run.

Race ready

Malmö sunday

lördag 14 juni 2014


After warmup we had to repair gearbox.

Kenta in action !!

fredag 13 juni 2014

Malmö track today

Malmö Raceway 13 June

Malmö Raceway 13 June

måndag 9 juni 2014


By midsummer we go to Finland to participate in two races.

Pro Stock Shootout

Next weekend we will participate in "Pro Stock Shootout" at Malmö Raceway.
The event is for car but we will test/tune there.

Custom Bike Show

This weekend we took part in Custom Bike Show Norrtälje.

More broken parts from last year.

Blown engine.

Some spare parts from last year's broken engine.